Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week One

Ice by Robert Kramer
Here's a link to a review of the movie. The author uses specific details, and also outlines the plot.
Look at the second review by matthewscott8.

I also found this video of Lauryn Hill's song "Mystery of Iniquity."

The artist includes the lyrics to the song. It is interesting to see how the song is manifested in text. I also think that the song is an example of JP's theory that "An artists is a child playing in the trashship of history." Lauryn Hill uses biblical IDs throughout the song, perhaps likening the fall of modern politics to that of original evil.
"Pride and the Greed
Hide and subdividing the seed
The knowledge of Good and Evil is what caused us to lie
Caused us to die
...Loving a lie
Not realizing in Adam, all die"

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